Wig Stocking Set
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Wig Stocking Set

Item #: 15786

Wig Stocking Set

With the wig cap your synthetic wig fits perfectly!

The wig stocking is essential if the desired wig should have a good fit.needs to guarantee a good fit of the wig properly fitting hidden under only your own hair.The trick of the pros can even disappear long hair under a wig without these looks bulged or suddenly emerge own hair strands underneath.

The wig stocking Set consists of a wig cap in skin color and one black.Simply put it over your own hair and is already sitting the Men's wig Hansi Hinterdupf Blonde . Red Longhair Wig Jessica or other hair replacement like a glove.
  • 2-piece wig Stocking Set
  • color : Skin colored and black
  • Material: 100% Nylon