Charlies Angels Wig Blond

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Charlie's Angels Wig Blond

The 70s and early 80s cult tv series about three women who work for a private investigation agency run by Charlie Townsend formed the fashion and make-up style of those years. The serie's success wasn't only due to the inventive screenplay that kept sending Charlie's Angels to new locations to solve their cases, but mainly to the desirability of the three leading actresses. This authentic Charlie's Angels Wig Blond will make you feel like an angel yourself. The synthetic hair wig is about shoulder-length and cut in the highly fashionable shape of the time. A fine carnival wig with the well-known outward curl and flowing mane that will make you feel like Farrah Fawcett. Long black eyelashes were very fashionable, too,  back then. Maybe a friend wearing the Charlys Angels Wig Brown will help you to solve your cases?

Material: synthetic hair