Princess Child Wig Black

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Princess Child Wig Black

If you press the wigs at Princesses

Good thing the princess did not have to join the arms race in the wigs and was allowed to stay in their plain black wig. There is something to take an example, if you together Settings for use with Princess Costume: Avoid the towering hairstyles of the Baroque period.

The Princess Child Wig black has three stages: it begins on the forehead with a pony-section, then follows a thick braid that runs right over the head, and behind it curls piled on, in which a small tiara infected.On the sides are corkscrew curls, as they were fashionable in the Romantic period.This fits the Fairy Tale Princess Costume That Pink Princess Shoes and a Pearl Necklace with Rhinestones .

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color Black