Crepe Wool Hair Red

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Crepe Wool Hair Red

Create your own fake beard and sideburns

We all know the feeling: you want to create the perfect Halloween or Carnival look and can't find the right beard to match your costume. One's too big, one's too bushy and the third one is the wrong colour. Here comes the solution for this problem. With our Crepe Wool Hair Red you can create beards according to your own ideas.

The red wool hair is made of synthetic hair. If you want to cover large areas, pull the crepe hair apart or comb it out. Put some of the included spirit gum on the chosen area of skin and press the crepe hair onto it. In case you do not fancy a red beard, check out the beard wool blond .
  • Includes: one Crepe Wool Hair Red
  • Material: 100% synthetic hair
  • Length: approx. 25 cm
  • Colour: red