Butcher knife attack

Item #: 12804

Butcher knife attack

Deep Cutting knife dummy as a special effect

The butcher knife as a knife dummy cuts deep into the arm, blood squirts out of the arteries and the massacre takes its course.Knife dummies have been used for the beginning of the film and theater history to the audience to shock and shudder. The special effect which makes it look like you are cutting off the arm is only one knife dummy plastic which makes fake blood for the verplüffenden theater effect

The knife is made of plastic and about34 cm long.The large butcher knife is cut arm-on the blade and is provided on the back with a blood vessel, which is filled with fake blood and at the right time is operated, ensure horror !!! The effect is so realistic that it could almost be real! For refilling, we recommend Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml or Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml ,

  • 1 x butcher knife attack knife Atrappe
  • Size about.34 cm long
  • Film Blood incl.
  • Material: Plastic
  • absolutely harmless