Rapper chain with Medalion Crown

Item #: 18015

Rapper chain with Medalion Crown

Flashy Rapper chain with a golden crown and rhinestones as followers

The Gangster Rap chain with lots of Bling Bling is a major congestion icons by artists from rapper scene and wannabe gangsters of casting shows and soap operas.Whether you're a rapper with chain Medalion Crown on thick trousers or want einschleimen in to Dieter Bohlen, with this gangster Medalion you're the King in your ghetto.Gangster rappers Sido, Puff Daddy, Flavor Flav are only turned rapper treat yourself with thick Rapper gold chains and glittering stones wannabe status of a bitchy princess.

The heavy Rapper Chain with Medalion consists of a gold chain and a can not be overlooked crown and lettering Pimp with gold edging and much silver glitter that sparkles like diamonds.The demented hillbilly rapper chain with Medalion you can dress up a megastar, checkers or pimps quickly and can make the puppets dance.Fits to our Walking Stick with diamond Knauf and the Pimp Instant Set

  • Material: metal.Medalion ca.12.5 cm x 11.5 cm