Nurse Handbag White

Item #: 18818

Nurse Handbag White

For helpful nurses on call!

Kind words and attention can do a lot, but in some cases a nurse has to use other remedies. In emergencies she has to get her first aid kit and administers some of her magic medicin. Our Nurse Handbag is a cool costume accessory for your party entrance as hot nurse or doctor. It has plenty of room to store all your liquor shots and other funny stuff.

The Nurse Handbag White is made of solid cardboard and looks like a miniature chest with a handle. The cute handbag features a white cross on a red backgound on the fron and back. This extravagant purse is just perfect to carry party shots or makeup. It can also be used as a donation box. Add our  nurse Stockings and the Nurse Shoes Platform to your order and your nurse look will be complete.

Dimesnions: approx. 13,5 x 10 cm x 11 cm

Material: varnished cardboard